Unbound activates local communities to fight human trafficking.

Unbound Global is a network of affiliates, chapters and offices working to end human trafficking in communities across the world. Although the work of each Unbound location is unique, depending on the needs of its community, Unbound has three main lines of effort:

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Unbound works to educate and empower youth, spread awareness through citywide outreaches and provide human-trafficking presentations to groups and organizations.

Professional Training

Unbound provides training to equip all professional to use their skills to identify and serve victims of human trafficking.

Survivor Advocacy

Unbound advocates for victims and survivors by meeting immediate needs, supporting survivors and their families, and connecting each survivor with resources for his or her unique restoration journey.

Our Story

Unbound was launched in 2012 out of Antioch Community Church in Waco, Texas. In the years before, a small group of church members witnessed exploitation and injustice overseas and began to pray that God would show them how they could take action. In that process, their eyes were opened to the realities of human trafficking in their own community. Determined to address this, they began meeting with law enforcement, the juvenile detention center and other service providers to see how they could help.

Unbound was born when a group of ordinary people decided to protect the vulnerable, identify the exploited and provide restoration to the survivor. Since then, Unbound Global has grown into a multi-national network of offices, chapters and affiliates across the United States and around the world. Each Unbound location starts small, looking to meet the basic needs in the fight against human trafficking in its community.

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Our Values

  1. Hope Driven: In the dark world of human trafficking, we believe there is hope. Our hope comes from three main sources: our faith, our community, and the survivors we serve. We believe in a God of justice and restoration, who has called us to respond to this need. We are encouraged by a community ready to take action in the fight. And we are inspired by the strength, resilience and courage of the men, women and children we serve.

  2. Service Oriented: We actively seek to fill the needs and gaps in service in our community. As we serve survivors, we are also eager to serve our partners in law enforcement, hospitals, schools, and more.

  3. Excellence Focused: UnBound is committed to maintaining excellence in the service we provide. By following best practices, staying up-to-date on research, training our teams, and providing evidence-based programs, we seek to offer the best service to our community.

Unbound is a ministry of the Antioch Movement of Churches. We are motivated by our faith in Jesus, and we are passionate about mobilizing the Church around the world to fight human trafficking. Our work is focused on the prevention and identification of human trafficking, and our programs and trainings do not include information about religion or faith, unless it is appropriate to the environment (church, Bible study, etc.). We gladly serve any victim or survivor of human trafficking with no strings attached, regardless of age, race, religious affiliation or sexual orientation.