Unbound's Book Available on Amazon

This spring, Unbound published its first book, “Surviving ‘The Life:’ How I Overcame Sex Trafficking.” Written by Survivor Leader Julia Walsh, this memoir tells her story of becoming trapped in sex trafficking, being rescued, and growing into a survivor who now uses her voice and work to help other victims with Unbound.

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Criminal or Victim? It can be hard to tell the difference in the dark world of sex trafficking. Julia Walsh fell prey to "The Life" during her freshman year of college. For years law enforcement, doctors, community members, and even Julia herself, failed to recognize that she was a victim. Professionals and community members missed many opportunities to intervene. As Julia opens your eyes to the heartbreaking realities of sex trafficking, she will also leave you with hope that every victim can become a survivor and conviction that each of us must play our part. In her heart-rending story, Julia opens up about the childhood experiences that made her vulnerable, the manipulation of her abusers, and the strength she found to survive and overcome. Readers will learn that sex trafficking is happening in our communities, but there is something each of us can do to help.

If you want to better understand how sex trafficking happens or share this knowledge with a friend, order your copies of “Surviving ‘The Life’” on Amazon today!

Amazon Reviews

“Very compelling read. I was struck that someone like Julia who grew up in a “normal” home with a loving family could find herself so easily trapped as a sex trafficking victim. It’s inspiring to see her life transform as the pages turn. I read it in one sitting because I couldn’t put it down. I’m so glad Julia had the courage to write her story."

"This book will make you aware of the realities of human trafficking and the struggles women face everyday. You will not put this book down. Julia is such a strong woman and her story will bring you to tears as well as ignite a passion to help those who are involved with human trafficking. A must read."

"Julia's courage in telling her story, the very real and raw story of surviving sex trafficking, will help many. "Surviving the Life" gives hope for those caught up in the life, as well as those of us who want to be part of their rescue. As a counselor, I gained insight on the complex trauma experienced by victims. There is rescue, healing, and redemption. Julia is a beautiful example of what love and grace can do even in the darkest of places."