Cape town, South africa

With its high unemployment rate of just under 30 percent, South Africa remains a primary source, destination, and transit country for human trafficking. Human trafficking occurs internally between our provinces, as well as externally across our South African borders.


It is estimated that over 155,000 people are enslaved in South Africa which attributes to 2,8 percent of the population, while 54 percent of the population are seen to be vulnerable to being trafficking.The forms of human trafficking found in South Africa include sex trafficking, child labour, domestic servitude, debt bondage, and more. Cape Town is a hub for trafficking within South Africa as it has multiple international access points in and out of the country, making it a prime location for traffickers.

Social awareness and education to the dangers of this crime in the impoverished and vulnerable areas of the city are critical to fighting back.

what we do

Unbound Cape Town offers anti-human trafficking presentations to groups and organizations around the city. We also facilitate a school program focused on educating teachers and students on the dangers of trafficking, as well as providing them with the tools to help prevent it.


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  • Join us on a “Not In My City” awareness campaign.

  • Learn to facilitate training for schools and other groups.

  • Be part of our fundraiser planning team.

  • Pray for us and the people we engage with.

  • Share our posts on social media to expand the reach of our message.


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